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Organisation Relationships


A partner of Shadow To Shine is another youth charity or group that wants to team up to enhance our collective services. Our partnerships enable us to deliver a wider range of support services and opportunities to young people in London.



An affiliate of Shadow To Shine is a corporate organisation that directly contributes opportunities for professional development to Shadow To Shine’s youth network. Affiliate relationships may vary depending on the size and budget of an organisation, but range from specific industry insight days, work experience opportunities, joint workshops hosted in the affiliates place of work or giftings to our organisation and service users. 



A sponsor of Shadow To Shine is an organisation that contributes to Shadow To Shine’s youth initiatives by providing financial support. Payments can be a one-off donation or a regular contribution. In return, sponsors receive recognition in Shadow To Shine’s marketing materials where appropriate, as well as impact reports about where their contribution is being used. Our sponsors are not required to take active involvement in our youth initiatives, although this is possible if desired.

Individual Relationships


Our donors are individuals who support our mission through making financial contributions that go towards our youth initiatives. Donations can be made on a one-off or regular basis and donors will receive regular updates about the work we do.



Shadow To Shine's supporters are volunteers who are helping to drive Shadow To Shine's mission by providing opportunities to young people in London who face barriers. 


Shadow To Shine's mentors are professionals who voluntarily support our young people on a one to one and long term basis by providing monthly sessions with their assigned young person. Mentors are crucial to the work and services that we deliver.

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