Shadow To Shine motivates the next generation, inspiring them to become leaders and curators of their own communities. Boosting hope with confidence, empowerment, and skillshares, we encourage a vision of a limitless future within our mentees' family, work, and social circles.


Cultivating a network of mentors, mentees, and other charities with parallel passions, Shadow To Shine is a charity with a concept of cultural change, and industry shakeups, through the uplifting of a fresh era.


Homegrown Organisation.
Uplifting Young People.
Providing Introductory Launchpad.

Shadow To Shine is a homegrown London initiative with a vision of uplifting young people, releasing them from the shadow into the prosperous light to shine.


When the Founder and Head of Shadow To Shine first met, they realised the parallels in their difficult backstories, which revealed similar dreams of encouraging the development of others from challenging backgrounds.


Since the start of this passion project, Shadow To Shine has provided a crucial introductory launchpad, where current businesses, leaders, and mentors, can uplift and gift ways forward for new horizons.


Opening Doors.
Mentorships, Work Shadowing & Placements.
Development, Education & Skillsharing

Development, education, and skill sharing is the key, as our mentor & business connections facilitate purposeful work placements.


We provide motivational activities, mentoring, informative work shadowing, essential work experiences and assistance with curriculum vitae (CV). These connections instils confidence and growth amongst young people facing barriers and give them the one opportunity that proves to be life-changing.


Shadow To Shine fights to open doors to corporate work environments, creative industries, and facilitate other opportunities, that would have otherwise not been available to the young people we work with because of circumstance and environment. A two-way relationship is also built as mentor and companies gain critical feedback from mentees, allowing them access to raw talent.


Inspiring new pathways for the youth.

We want to inspire new pathways for the youth by transforming the landscape of work placements in London, UK, and beyond. We educate corporations and companies about acceptance and diversity.


We challenge the youth to see themselves actively engaging with politics, social affairs, and businesses, whilst increasing the cultural capital of the disadvantaged before and after them. We build on an existing skill set by focusing on the positive, empowering them with opportunity.


In our current climate prosperity is assumed to favour those of privilege, and futures are dictated to, and not by,  the youth. We want to change these assumptions by inspiring our mentees to partake in new exciting challenges and to be the change within their communities. Our vision is to work with parents and communities in keeping the youth inspired, busy and motivated to make a change.


Our connecting projects are focused on young people aged 16-30 who face barriers, especially those from low socio-economic backgrounds in London and other inner cities, by allowing corporations and companies access to young people and talent.

Phase 1

We engage with mentees through charities, CICs and social media and then once connected, our young people undertake initial one-on-one sessions, where we discuss their aspirations, visions, their industry of choice, and potential opportunities.

Mentees then attend either an 8-week employment course (2hours 1 evening per week)

After meeting our mentees and understanding their core interests and talents, we match them with potential contacts from our large database for work shadowing or work experience. We use a trusted database full of companies whose values we match, and are on board with our goals of meaningful placements. 


Our support for the mentees is constant, from CV editing before applying for placements, aiding them in figuring out how to turn the work experience into employment, as well as other means of emotional and practical support.


As the work placement comes to an end, an essential exchange of growth happens between mentee and business in the form of reviews and feedback from both sides. We feel that we are here to empower the next generation in also having an input into the future of corporations and companies and allowing them a voice. We have found that a lot of the corporations that we currently work with find this feedback at the end very beneficial. 


Phase 2

Mentees are assigned to a dedicated mentor for a minimum term of 6-months where the mentee is guarenteed at least 2 x 1 hour sessions in this period.


Shadow to Shine’s dedicated Alumni network also provides empowerment beyond the initial tasks, encouraging a place to network and seek further opportunities.


Beyond the individual and companies involved, we believe our work benefits society in the long term. When the youth are inspired this can influence reductions in crime, socio-economic benefits in employment, restoration in trust of corporations giving back to the community, and overall changes on a local and national scale.


In our quest to provide opportunities to those without, nobody is left behind as we are proud to support those trying to move past criminal records, those overcoming the boundaries of having little to no education, and other scenarios creating barriers to be broken. 


Want to support us in our vision?

Shadow to Shine is a CIC that needs to grow. It can grow with the support of funding, sponsorship, and a robust mentoring programme. Shadow to Shine is a simple structure that can make the greatest change, you can be a part of that change. 


We translate the positives from a skill set that many looks at as detrimental.


There is a power to pain and struggle which is at the heart of the greatest employee. 

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