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Shadow To Shine motivates the next generation, inspiring them to become leaders and curators of their own communities. Boosting hope with confidence, empowerment, and skillshares, we encourage a vision of a limitless future within our mentees' family, work, and social circles.


Cultivating a network of mentors, mentees, and other charities with parallel passions, Shadow To Shine is a charity with a concept of cultural change, and industry shakeups, through the uplifting of a fresh era.


Even as a grassroots organisation, we are still committed to engaging the biggest organisations in the world. Working with corporations such as BP, Samsung, Sky and TCS, We can offer our young people real opportunities to network and access working environments that might have otherwise
been inaccessible.

We recognise there can be a lack of opportunity for youths, particularly those with limited prospects due to systemic barriers, so we are trying to do something about it.

We operate pan-London and offer a series of services aimed to empower the next generation, supporting youths from all walks of life irrespective of their career journey so far. We have something for everyone, from those just finding their feet to those looking at their next career move.

Our offer includes: employability programmes, corporate insight opportunities, work shadowing, paid placements, mentorship and ad hoc events that aim to inspire and up-skill. 

Homegrown Organisation.
Uplifting Young People.
Providing Introductory Launchpad.

Shadow To Shine is a homegrown London initiative with a vision of uplifting young people, releasing them from the shadow into the prosperous light to shine.


When the Founder and Head of Shadow To Shine first met, they realised the parallels in their difficult backstories, which revealed similar dreams of encouraging the development of others from challenging backgrounds.


Since the start of this passion project, Shadow To Shine has worked with nearly 500 young Londoners to provide them with opportunities that bring them closer to their career goals.

Opening Doors.
Mentorships, Programmes, Work Shadowing & Placements.
Development, Education & Skill-sharing

Development, education, and skill sharing is the key, as our mentor & business connections facilitate purposeful work placements.


We provide intensive training programmes, motivational activities, mentoring, informative work shadowing, essential work experiences and assistance with job hunting. 


Shadow To Shine fights to open doors to corporate work environments, creative industries, and facilitate other opportunities, that would have otherwise not been available to the young people we work with because of circumstance and environment. A two-way relationship is also built as mentor and companies gain critical feedback from mentees, allowing them access to raw talent.

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