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BP Programme Participant

On the first day of the programme, we were told that we would have to present to the rest of the cohort and BP staff on the final day, and I remember thinking what have I signed myself up for? However, throughout the entire programme, I was able to develop a plethora of skills, particularly teamwork and public speaking. The continuous group activities, which usually ended in presentations helped me build my confidence, and what surprised me was how much I began to enjoy public speaking to the extent that I would tell my groups that we should volunteer to go first. That being said, the best part of this programme was being able to meet people from similar backgrounds, who are ambitious and dedicated to accessing spaces that we are usually denied.

BP Programme Participant

During the course of the programme, I have observed significant advancements in multiple areas of my professional efforts. The prioritisation of personal branding and professional communication has played a crucial role in strengthening my self-presentation and ability for effective communication. The networking sessions have expanded my knowledge and understanding, allowing me to create relationships with experienced professionals. As a result, I have gained valuable skills and knowledge that will assist me in navigating the professional world. Peer learning possibilities and the program's participatory nature proved to be intellectually interesting. Apart from acquiring knowledge from the presenters, I also profited from the perspectives that my fellow participants gave. For me, the building of a sense of community and the encouragement of teamwork have been essential to my personal growth.

BP Programme Participant

I had such an amazing experience at the bp x shadow to shine work experience week. I was quite nervous going into it as I wasn’t sure what to expect and having been to some other events like this sometimes they can be quite daunting and scary, however everyone at bp and shadow to shine, made me feel so welcome and made the whole week so much more enjoyable. Everyday was something different which was so useful as it allowed me to gain a insight into a variety of fields within the corporate industry, from marketing to data and tech to project management. We also worked in teams throughout most of the week which was extremely helpful in building my teamwork skills as well as public speaking and communication, something which I wasn’t too confident on prior to attending this work experience week.

COS Programme Participant

I thoroughly enjoyed my run in the Shadow To Shine x Cos program. Having recently moved from Canada I struggled to get my foot in the door in the Fashion industry in London and to build connections with youth with the same passion as me. However, after completing the program I have a newfound confidence in my ability to succeed in this country and a support network that I will cherish for years to come.

COS Programme Participant

I think I have improved in terms of having more of a plan for my potential brand as well as knowing how to navigate it. As well as that my team working skills have been sharpened even more through being given real fashion industry tasks, allowing me to learn how working in the industry and in a team goes hand in hand.

Something I took by surprise was the numerous steps into a brand and the sections within those ‘steps’. There are so many intricate things that go into a fashion brand, allowing it to function well.

COS Programme Participant

This programme was the eye-opener I needed, helping me demystify my perspective on the fashion industry. Breaking into the industry is incredibly challenging, especially without any formal fashion education. The opportunity to learn from and converse with numerous industry professionals was invaluable. This experience truly provided the motivation I needed, and I'm thrilled that I now know the steps to launch my own brand!

The greatest improvement I made was in communicating the narrative of my brand. I learned the invaluable lesson that people don't purchase based on logic, but rather on emotion. Thus, it's far more effective to emotionally compel someone to buy your product rather than explaining why they should.

I cannot wait to implement the knowledge I’ve learned over these four weeks, and a huge thank you to the Shadow2Shine team for giving me this opportunity. Hopefully I’ll come speak at your next fashion event once I make it big ;))

Arly Ifenedo

My experience with Shadow To Shine was amazing. I had such a good time learning and experiencing what goes on in a dance agency especially the opportunity to experience it at AMCK Dance. The team at AMCK has been so supportive and always willing to help me out to understand how things work. I have been asked to stay on for three more weeks and I’m learning more and more each day.

Piolo Ravina

My experience through Shadow to Shine was an eye opening experience; allowing me to realize what I am capable of in life. The program is designed to alter your mindset into believing anything in this world is achievable. I’m proud to say that I have implemented things I have learnt from the program into my life and so much has changed, where the reduction of distractions and my focus on the power of the mind provided me with a positive energy and results internal and external from education. The program was able to provide me an easier access to my dream job, providing me with a week's work experience in the London Stock Exchange under the Head of European Sales. Through this work experience, I have been able to acquire connections who can aid me into becoming a successful individual I aspire to be. In addition to this, I was given lifelong successful mentors who I can contact anytime and receive advice on not only my future but my life thus allowing me to believe I have the potential to become a successful individual.

Stacy Mensah

Shadow to Shine has helped me to be more confident in my searching for my next role and to identify what I actually wanted to do with my career life. After Shadow to Shine I have been actively applying for jobs and the internship has open up conversations for me with different employers in a positive way. I want to thank the team for this once in a life time opportunity.

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Marley Foster

My name is Marley foster , I have enjoyed my work experience with Rokstone in a busy working environment, learning new skills, and seeing how a business is run day to day, how to develop and build relationships and understand the needs and the want of a company, it’s has helped me develop and understand what my strengths and weaknesses are, it’s has gave me an insight of what it would it be like to start up my own business. I would like to thank Becky and the lovely girls/ team at Rokstone for being so great and making me feel a part of the team/ family, and so welcomed Marley.

Sadie Gains

Words don’t quite cut it for how grateful I am to Becky and her team for taking the time to speak to me and work out my strengths and interests and guide me on my career path. The experience I have gained through assisting their photographer has been invaluable and I have learned so many new skills which I can take with me well into the future. Shadow to Shine has given me a huge confidence boost and opened up loads of new opportunities and ideas I didn’t even know I had! Thank you!

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Johnson Oladuji

 I was granted an opportunity to work with Becky at her office Rokstone which has been very great. Property isn’t the field I’d like to go through but the experience as a whole has allowed me to denote you’re able to incorporate your skills into any work environment which is the most important part. I’d like to thank Becky and the team for welcoming me in open arms to guide me through the busy two weeks I was here and I’d most definitely recommend you do work experience with them or where’ve you’re able to be placed even if it’s not your choice of field. Be open to learn & try new things. 

Francis Jack

After spending sometime with Wale, I wanted to build a relationship with a well established designer and gain a better understanding of the industry that I am in and with the help of shadow to shine & 2020 that has been achieved, I feel comfortable in picking Wales brain about things I usually be embarrassed or reluctant to ask however with this opportunity I’ve become a lot more confident and knowledgable about the fashion industry, where I’m heading and I have most importantly learnt from mum mistakes.

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Abi Akin

I loved the Shadow to Shine and 2020 change program, it was truly amazing and life changing. Being a part of this program was such an incredible honour, magnified by having such strong and inspirational team involved. I think every community should have one as it is amazing. I appreciate Gary Conway for the opportunity he gave me to work in his company for 2 months. The team was wonderful and so committed. We need more support for our youth, and it is needed. I used to be a youth that didn’t have any direction. However, I have turned my life around and am so happy where I am now. I am currently working at Warner Music in the finance department, using the skills and tools I learnt from the programme to progress in the company. Thanks for a really fab year. I think this programme has built me up so much that I am

operating my highest level to fulfil my 5-year plan.

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