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Geographical Areas

Mentoring and work experience in North London

Mentoring and work experience in East London

Mentoring and work experience in South London
Mentoring and work experience in West London


Young entrepreneur mentoring 

Young business owner mentoring 

Career mentoring

Industry mentoring

Employment Industries

Work experience in the music industry
Work experience in the creative industry

Work experience in the art industry

Work experience in law

Work experience in finance and accounting

Work experience in the property industry

Work experience in the sports industry

Work experience in the charity and not for profit sector

Work experience in retail

Work experience in food, culinary and hospitality

Work experience in media

Work experience in PR and marketing

Work experience in fashion

Work experience in publishing and journalism

Work experience in radio/TV and broadcasting

Work experience in IT, technology , gaming and computer science


Safeguarding Policy

Volunteer and Mentor Policy

Data Protection Policy

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Drugs and Alcohol Policy for Staff, Volunteers and Mentors

Health and Safety Policy

IT, Internet and Email Policy

Confidentiality for Young People Policy


Mentoring Agreement

Work Experience Agreement

Code of Conduct on Programme Agreement 


Mentoring and work experience for former offenders

Mentoring and work experience for people with no qualifications

Mentoring and work experience for long term unemployed

Mentoring and work experience for young people with gang affiliations

Helping the next generation step out of the shadow and start to shine!


to Shine

What have we done so far?

Shadow To Shine a community interested company (CIC) that offers mentoring, work experience and employability skills to young people aged between 16-25 from some of the most disadvantaged backgrounds in inner city London. Our services provide young people with opportunities and the skills required to take their lives in a completely new direction. We strive to empower the next generation. Shadow To Shine’s model is simple; we cultivate an extensive network of mentors, corporate businesses and other charities with parallel ideals to promote a change in the way young people are recruited and viewed in the workplace. We facilitate work experiences through our partners so that our mentees have access to some of the best opportunities in London. Collectively, with our affiliates, we aim to uplift the next era of talent. The mission is clear: we will bridge the gap between young people and their work based and entrepreneurial goals so that they have long term success in their chosen profession.


Mission Statement

Shadow To Shine strives to change lives and motivate the next generation, inspiring them to become leaders and curators of their own communities. Boosting hope with confidence, empowerment, and skill-shares, we encourage a vision of a limitless future within their family, work, and social circles.


Cultivating a network of mentors, mentees, and other charities with parallel passions, Shadow To Shine is a home grown CIC with a concept of cultural change, and industry shakeups, through the uplifting of a fresh era.


How we help you?

Work Experience

We facilitate 1-week work placements in corporate environments for our mentees.


We provide 1 on 1 and group mentoring to young people in need of guidance and assistance in navigating the working world.

  • Seminars

  • Panel talks

  • Women Empowerment

  • Parent's day

  • Community events


What do people say about us?

"I have enjoyed my work experience with Rokstone in a busy working environment, learning new skills, and seeing how a business is run day to day, how to develop and build relationships and understand the needs and the want of a company, it’s has helped me develop and understand what my strengths and weaknesses are, it’s has gave me an insight of what it would it be like to start up my own business."

—  Marley Foster


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