We offer specialised employability programmes that cater to a range of needs, whether that’s from a local youth perspective or one that is corporate focused. Our courses are delivered by our highly trained team and skilled business leaders who are experienced in working with young people from a range of different backgrounds.


Courses are flexible and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of our partners but at the core of our programmes we will cover:



  • Motivation + resilience 

  • Judgement + perception

  • Responsibility and ego


  • Jobs + industries overview

  • Communication

  • Networking session

Personal 1-2-1s

  • Dream jobs + career goals

  • Personal development plan

  • Professional mentor


  • Wages

  • Budgets

  • Personal finance

The 3 p's

  • Public speaking

  • Pitching

  • Presenting

CVs, Cover letters and interviews

  • Build a CV or cover letter


  • How to apply for jobs

  • Practice interview

Our courses can be delivered to groups of up to 15 participants. We are most interested in delivering training to those who face barriers getting into employment and do not have access to professional role models and contacts in their desired industries. Please see below for an overview of the types of courses we currently have on offer:

Programme Feedback

“I believe that I have grown my confidence and understanding of what I want to do in the future and the steps in which I need to take to get there.” 

“Coming into the employability programme I was very shy and held back a lot of my ideas and opinions because I was afraid to speak up in front of others. Throughout this course my confidence levels have increased, I now feel confident enough and comfortable to speak in front of a group of people. I also have gained some valuable skills and information that have helped me make some positive life changes e.g saving” 

Before the course I had little to no sense of direction as to what I aspired to be later on in life but with the help Korinna and Kieran I now have a better judgement on what I want to do with my adult life.

Shadow to Shine CIC | Company Number: 12170192

Geographical Areas

Mentoring and work experience in North London

Mentoring and work experience in East London

Mentoring and work experience in South London
Mentoring and work experience in West London


Young entrepreneur mentoring 

Young business owner mentoring 

Career mentoring

Industry mentoring

Well-being mentoring

Virtual mentoring


Mentoring and work experience for former offenders

Mentoring and work experience for people with no qualifications

Mentoring and work experience for long term unemployed

Mentoring and work experience for young people with gang affiliations

Employment Industries

Work experience in the music industry
Work experience in the creative industry

Work experience in the art industry

Work experience in law

Work experience in finance and accounting

Work experience in the property industry

Work experience in the sports industry

Work experience in the charity and not for profit sector

Work experience in retail

Work experience in food, culinary and hospitality

Work experience in media

Work experience in PR and marketing

Work experience in fashion

Work experience in publishing and journalism

Work experience in radio/TV and broadcasting

Work experience in IT, technology , gaming and computer science

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Volunteer and Mentor Policy

Data Protection Policy

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Drugs and Alcohol Policy for Staff, Volunteers and Mentors

Health and Safety Policy

IT, Internet and Email Policy

Confidentiality for Young People Policy

Lone working policy

Ethics Policy


Mentoring Agreement

Work Experience Agreement

Code of Conduct on Programme Agreement 


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