Mentoring Programme

Applications for our 2020 mentoring programme now open!!! 

Our mentoring programme provides young people with the unique opportunity to speak directly with established professionals in an industry of their choice. Our young people have benefitted greatly from the strong bonds they have created with their mentors and we are constantly seeking new mentors and mentees to join our successful programme.

Mentoring is important because it provides professional socialisation and personal support as well as practical skills and knowledge to facilitate success. We find that mentoring is rewarding for both mentor and mentee during the Shadow To Shine experience and beyond. 

We offer a variety of mentoring options including:

  • Regular monthly mentoring for 12 months (121)

  • CV and interview mentoring (group)

  • One off sessions (121 & group)

Currently our mentors span a wide range of industries including: fashion, music, art, law, recruitment, PR, media, publishing, beauty, production, property, finance, not for profit, sports, radio, film and more. 

Where possible, we will always try and pair mentee and mentor up together by shared professional interest however this isn't always essential.  We've found that many mentee-mentor relationships have flourished despite the mentor being from an industry different to the mentee's interests.

Become a mentee

To join our mentoring programme as a mentee please fill out this form to express your interest, we will contact you when mentoring spaces become available.


Become a mentor

Our mentees need mentors who they can trust to offer advice, introduce alternatives, challenge, motivate, inspire and encourage them to follow their dreams. You will be required to provide a supportive, non-judgmental relationship in which each mentee can explore and realise their vision of what they want to achieve in life.

To become a mentor and help our young people reach their potential, please sign up here

Shadow to Shine CIC | Company Number: 12170192

Geographical Areas

Mentoring and work experience in North London

Mentoring and work experience in East London

Mentoring and work experience in South London
Mentoring and work experience in West London


Young entrepreneur mentoring 

Young business owner mentoring 

Career mentoring

Industry mentoring

Well-being mentoring

Virtual mentoring


Mentoring and work experience for former offenders

Mentoring and work experience for people with no qualifications

Mentoring and work experience for long term unemployed

Mentoring and work experience for young people with gang affiliations

Employment Industries

Work experience in the music industry
Work experience in the creative industry

Work experience in the art industry

Work experience in law

Work experience in finance and accounting

Work experience in the property industry

Work experience in the sports industry

Work experience in the charity and not for profit sector

Work experience in retail

Work experience in food, culinary and hospitality

Work experience in media

Work experience in PR and marketing

Work experience in fashion

Work experience in publishing and journalism

Work experience in radio/TV and broadcasting

Work experience in IT, technology , gaming and computer science

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Safeguarding Policy
Equality Policy

Volunteer and Mentor Policy

Data Protection Policy

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Drugs and Alcohol Policy for Staff, Volunteers and Mentors

Health and Safety Policy

IT, Internet and Email Policy

Confidentiality for Young People Policy

Lone working policy

Ethics Policy


Mentoring Agreement

Work Experience Agreement

Code of Conduct on Programme Agreement 


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