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Employability Programmes


Shadow To Shine Employability Programmes

We offer a series of employability programmes aimed at all young people, no matter where they are on their career journey. We’ve got something for everyone, from those who are just finding their feet, to those who are charting their next career move. Our programmes are fun, supportive, energetic and run by facilitators from a diverse range of industry backgrounds. 


Time commitment: 10 hours

Goal: Develop key employment skills

The Foundation programme is for young people who have had little to no employability experience are are looking to develop some foundational skill to get them started on their journey. Over ten hours, young people will work with expert facilitators to develop: 

  • Time management

  • Listening skills

  • Planning and organisation skills

  • Communication techniques 

  • Identifying and communicating your strengths

  • Developing a growth mindset

Level 1

Time Commitment: 20 hours

Goal: Kick-start your career journey

The Level 1 programme is suited to those aged 16-21 or those with no prior work experience and covers foundational employability skills including: 

  • Writing your CV and cover letters

  • Preparing for Interviews

  • How to build and maintain motivation

  • Developing resilience

  • The benefits of a growth mindset

  • Understanding the job market and industries

  • Setting SMART goals

  • Writing a personal development plan

  • Financial planing and budgeting

  • Public speaking and presenting

  • How to find (and get) your dream job

  • LinkedIn/ BlackBook/ online presence

  • Becoming work ready

  • Enhancing your communication skills 

Level 2

Time Commitment: 10 hours

Goal: Enhance your professional skills and Shine Brighter

Our Level 2 course is aimed at those with some professional or job experience looking to take their skills to the next level as they prepare to take the next step in their career journey. This course focusing on higher level employability topics and skills including:

  • Making the transition from a job to a career

  • How to navigate the office environment 

  • Project management

  • How to create and manage project budgets

  • Finding your leadership style

  • Pitching and presenting to win 

  • How to get the most out of networking 

  • Preparing for mentorship

  • How to prepare for application days and multiple round interviews

Level 3 

Time Commitment: 10 hours

Goal:  Skill up, stay sharp and shine brighter.

For those who have recently entered the workforce, in their first or second job, the Level 3 course supports you with topics and skills such as:  

  • Navigate and progress up the career ladder

  • How to navigate the office environment 

  • Getting the most out of your job

  • Working with your mentor for maximum impact 

  • Planning your next steps

  • Networking in the workplace

  • How to find your feet in a new job

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