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  • Jo Selman-Smith

Songtrust® partners with Shadow To Shine to enable the next generation of music creators

Global publishing administration service, Songtrust®, has partnered with youth charity, Shadow To Shine, to empower young music talent in London. The partnership includes a generous donation from Songtrust towards Shadow To Shine’s youth employment initiatives, as well as a number of Songtrust memberships for young people looking to pursue careers in music.

Songtrust's goal is to empower music creators around the world by enabling them to collect all the royalties they have earned. It works with people at all different stages of their careers, from all genres and from all over the world. Now, through its latest partnership with Shadow To Shine, Songtrust is helping musically-minded young people in London, who are just embarking on their music careers, to have a deeper understanding and more control within the industry.

Shadow To Shine works with young people in London who are facing barriers getting into employment by delivering specialised training, mentoring and opportunities to its network. Whilst it works to improve employability outcomes for young people across all industries, the music industry remains one of the most popular amongst Shadow To Shine’s users, with numerous ongoing music-focused mentorships and industry insight events taking place.

One such mentee includes Mutsa Mupita, a singer songwriter who has been receiving mentoring from an experienced music industry professional since November last year. Through the partnership Mutsa has been able to receive support and opportunities for networking. Mutsa said of her experience with Shadow To Shine, “I’ve been creating music as a singer/songwriter for about 4 years now, but I’d say I’ve been taking it seriously for the past two years. Through my amazing mentor Ravy, I’ve managed to gain support for marketing strategies, music production and PR. Following the release of our debut single, my ambitions moving forward with my duo mate is to break into the British/international music industry and create spaces for young black women and girls looking to do the same.”

Mutsa Mupita (right) and her music partner Ruvimbo (left), together known as MVM

The generous contribution from Songtrust will empower young talent like Mutsa as she continues to build her career in music. Shadow To Shine’s Co-Director, Korinna Williams said of the partnership: “We’re so grateful to Songtrust for directing its resources to help our young people. The industry is highly desirable amongst our network but starting a career in it can be really tough. We are certain that with Songtrust’s support our young people will be able to navigate their music careers with a better understanding and more confidence.”

Songtrust is always looking for new ways to support diversity, equality, and inclusion among musicians and those working in the music business. It is committed to ensuring its educational resources are accessible to creators from all backgrounds. Anna Bond, Songtrust’s Head of Creative and Partnerships, “Songtrust’s mission is to empower songwriters at all stages of their careers to collect all the royalties that their music earns. We’re thrilled to partner with Shadow to Shine to help up-and-coming music creators with resources that will help them develop their musical careers by ensuring they know what their rights are and how to manage them.”

Shadow To Shine will be allocating Songtrust memberships to its current and ongoing music industry mentees. If you are a young music creator in London who would be eligible for Shadow To Shine’s services, get in touch through our socials or by visiting

*MVM’s new single ‘No Hesitation’ is available to download on all platforms now

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